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How stay awhile stables came to be

It all began with Calvin….

What was once a long-time dream of owning her own horse became reality for Tracy Hince when she found Calvin. Calvin was now part of the HInce family so began the horse board facility search. In that search for a fun, family-friendly barn atmosphere, Tracy met Fether Morrow and moved Calvin to Fether’s barn. She quickly grew to respect and appreciate Fether’s knowledge and expertise about horses.

After about 4 months, Tracy and her husband, Roland, found and purchased a beautiful piece of property in Wallburg, NC. They were able to make a dream of owning their own farm come true. They invited Fether to collaborate with them in building Stay Awhile Stables and so Stay Awhile Stables was born…

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us intact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and freedom.
– Sharon Ralls Lemon

Stay Awhile Stables is a full-service barn that prides itself on giving the best possible care to each and every horse that makes its home here. We treat them as if they are our own. We are a small, drama-free facility that welcomes all breeds and disciplines.

Tracy Calvin

Located in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, our boarding facility will help your horse feel right at home and help you feel reassured that your horse will always have everything they need to grow and thrive.

Board your horse with us, and they will be well taken care of at all times. We sweep our pastures and clean our stalls at least twice a day, and horses always have access to fresh water. To reduce mosquitos, we don’t have any open watering areas, and we have fly predators in all of our pastures. Your horse will be fed on time, have plenty of opportunity to spend time out in pasture, and receive blanketing and wound care at no extra cost.

When you come and visit your horse, you are welcome to spend as much time as you like at our stables. Our boarding facility is a place for horses and people who love horses, and we encourage you to come and spend time with your horse for as long as you want whenever you have the opportunity.

Our boarders are our family. We pride ourselves on providing a warm, welcoming, friendly atmosphere where you can relax, enjoy your horse and STAY AWHILE!

To learn more about our boarding rates or everything we offer for the horses we board, reach out to us today.