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At Stay Awhile Stables, you can expect superior horse care and excellent service. You can feel reassured that your horse will always have everything they need to thrive and be happy. Our utmost priority is your horse’s health and well-being.

We work diligently to maintain a clean, and safe environment for your horse. We sweep our pastures on a daily basis and clean out our stall at least 2 times a day. Our automatic waterers provide access to clean, fresh water at all times. Our flexible fencing system provides a safer environment for horses by absorbing impact and reducing the risk of serious injuries.

Our Facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Our facility has perimeter fencing around the entire property. All pasture fencing is inside the perimeter to create a trail system around them. These connect to our wooded area trails also.

Our property is gated and under monitored surveillance at all times. Each boarder is allowed 24/7 access with personalized gate codes.